RF1 Serial Adapter (2014-15 Version )

All new RF1* Universal RS485 adapter! Support for standard DMX, LOR and Renard based wiring. * RF1 sold separately.
Availability: On Back-order Expect 2-8 week lead time for shipping

This little adapter is made to fit on your 15 pin header of the RF1 devices.   

Use the RS485 adapter to send and receive Renard, DMX, or LOR signals with your RF1!


For new RF1 setup it is recommended to use the RF1 12V board.  You can power the 12v board with anything from 6-13v when not controlling pixels with it (the input power is normally 12v when controlling pixels). The RF1_12v regulates a clean 5v supply for the serial adapter.  The RF1 12V also can accept the power over LOR wiring so that the LOR device will power the entire serial adapter.


This device is tested to work with the RF1 5v boards, but the 5 v used to power the rs485 is not regulated so you need to power it from a clean regulated 5v source. This can normally be sourced from the device you are connecting to.



You can do lots of fun stuff with this guy!

Turn your RF1 into a Wireless Renard/DMX bridge!  

Control your Renard or DMX serial devices wirelessly!

Control your LOR DMX boards wirelessly.

Use it to receive Serial data (DMX or Renard) and transmit it on the RF Transceiver of your RF1!


Included In package:

  • 1 Serial Adapter PCB
  • 1 Serial Adapter BOM ( all parts needed to build the serial adapter )

Note: RF1 is sold separately.





See Wiki for details: http://learn.komby.com/wiki/44/rs485-serial-dmx-renard-adapter-assembly-instructions




Eagle Files:


Wiki - Hardware Guide:

Assembly Instructions

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