RF1 is a miniature board which was built on the Arduino platform. The RF1 was designed as a high speed wireless receiver to control a variety of devices. Its a very versatile device.



RF1 is an Arduino compatible OpenSource board.

The RF1 was designed as a wireless receiver for a single strand of Pixels.  

The Power source needed for your 5V pixels will also power the RF1 Board.

RF1 can do a lot more than just pixels too!  It makes an excellent breadboarding tool,  and has a 15 pin header which can be used on any of the 15 pin expansion boards available here!


Pixels Supported:









GE Color Effects


As a wireless transmitter the RF1 can:

Receive Serial DMX512 from your sequencer and transmit it wirelessly to a RFPixelControl compatible receiver **
Receive Serial Renard from your sequencer and transmit it wirelessly to a RFPixelControl compatible receiver

As  a receiver device the RF1 can:

Receive Wireless data at your choice of 250kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps
Control Renard devices with serial data output from the RF1
Control DMX devices directly with serial DMX512 output from the RF1*
Control Pixels!  See the list above for types supported
Control anything else you dream up! Slap some Pixels on your santa hat and walk around the show!


*will utilize the RS485 expansion board and will require a custom cat 5 cable to convert Renard wiring to DMX Cat5 wiring standard.  See the wiki for more information.

**will need to utilize the RS485 Expansion board OR a FTDI cable/adapter. 


RF1 measures 2.5cm x 5cm 

The mounting holes allow for mounting in TA-200 enclosures.

The RF1 can be built with or without the reset switch and many of the headers.  



Eagle Files:


Wiki - Hardware Guide:

RF1 5v Assembly Instructions


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